About BF Trans

"BF Trans" cargo transportation company was established in 2018 and since its establishment has been guided by the principle of identifying the real needs of the market, more effectively meeting the needs of the customer. From year to year the company expands its scope of activities, carrying out international cargo transportation from Armenia to the Russian Federation, CIS countries, Europe, and vice versa, at a high level and in accordance with international standards. The company is open for long-term, comprehensive cooperation in all areas of the economy, both with core and new customers and partners.

"BF Trans" LLC strives for new heights, always ready for healthy competition in new markets, striving for perfection in the interests of the consumer, the company develops, exports and transports superior goods and services. The company strives to become the new face of our country, to become a worthy business card representing Armenia, spreading Armenian brands, which will gain a good reputation all over the world with their taste, organic properties, unique quality and originality.

International and domestic cargo transportation is carried out by our own trucks, as well as by 200-250 trucks in our company's reserve, which can provide service in different directions. Every year our company transports 25,000-30,000 tons of different goods.

We guarantee the safe delivery of goods to the addressee. Use our services and you will be convinced of it.

Basic services


Truck transportation is the main type of cargo transportation of our company. We carry out cargo transportation from Armenia to Europe and CIS countries, particularly to Russia and vice versa.

Groupage cargo transportation

We carry out full and group freight transportation by trucks. We offer group transportation for small loads.

Domestic cargo transportation

Depending on the type, size and weight of the cargo, we provide appropriate trucks for transportation to all regions of Armenia and Artsakh.

Additional Services


We encourage partial and full risk insurance for all our cargo transportation. We also include risk assessment in our services. It can be calculated based on the requirements of the given delivery, based on international standards.

Loading / unloading

We offer loading and unloading services for international and domestic transportation. Depending on the type, size and weight of the cargo, we provide the appropriate equipment and experienced specialists for safe and efficient cargo handling.

Customs clearance

We offer the following customs clearance services:

  • Customs advice
  • Preliminary inspection and pre-processing of cargo
  • Obtaining certificates and permits
  • Calculation of customs duties
  • Final processing of documents and release of cargo

Working with various organizations, our company has gained rich experience in customs clearance in various fields:

  • Mining industry
  • Construction
  • Equipment and spare parts
  • Food, etc.


The company has developed and implements a professional training program to promote the formation of young staff.

Our Team The company employs experienced, skilled and responsible people. Each of them is fully aware of the work done by them and strives to apply their human and highly professional skills as much as possible to improve the work performed.

David Gevorgyan

General director

Email: info@bftrans.am
Tel. : +374 55889993 (Viber,WhatsApp)
Spoken languages : armenian, russian, english

Samson Shahnazaryan

General director

Email: info@bftrans.am
Tel. : +374 44735650/+374 77735650 (Viber,WhatsApp)
Spoken languages : armenian, russian

Hasmik Shahnazaryan

Senior logistics

Email: info@bftrans.am
Tel. : +374 55330040 (Viber,WhatsApp)
Spoken languages : armenian, russian, english

Nazeli Hovsepyan

Logistics specialist,head of documentation

Email: info@bftrans.am
Tel. : +374 91261644 (Viber,WhatsApp)
Spoken languages : armenian, russian, english

Gayane Babayanyan

Head of Public Relations

Email: gayanebabajanyan67@gmail.com
Tel. : +374 98334640 (Viber,WhatsApp)
Spoken languages : armenian, russian, english

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