Packing and storage

The main purpose of packaging is to ensure the safety of the product. The specifics of the product justify the use of different types of packaging: boxes, barrels, sacks, bottles, glass containers, bags, baskets, etc.

Safety & Quality

Security - Our company carries out cargo transportation exclusively in compliance with safety rules, organizing the work as safely as possible.
Quality - We always strive to ensure the highest quality of services by improving quality management mechanisms.We ensure the quality of our services with the professionalism of our employees.

Care for Environment

In our work we are always guided and act by laws and norms set by the relevant legislatures.We are always ready to participate and welcome all sensible development programs within the framework of environmental safety standards.

Delivery On Time

Our most important principle is to be punctual towards all customers and to fulfill orders on time. We try to act as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to be economically useful to our customers.

About us "BF Trans" LLC Cargo transportation company

"BF Trans" cargo transportation company was established in 2018 and since its establishment has been guided by the principle of identifying the real needs of the market, more effectively meeting the needs of the customer. From year to year the company expands its scope of activities, carrying out international cargo transportation from Armenia to the Russian Federation, CIS countries, Europe, and vice versa, at a high level and in accordance with international standards. The company is open for long-term, comprehensive cooperation in all areas of the economy, both with core and new customers and partners.

"BF Trans" LLC strives for new heights, always ready for healthy competition in new markets, striving for perfection in the interests of the consumer, the company develops, exports and transports superior goods and services. The company strives to become the new face of our country, to become a worthy business card representing Armenia, spreading Armenian brands, which will gain a good reputation all over the world with their taste, organic properties, unique quality and originality.

International and domestic cargo transportation is carried out by our own trucks, as well as by 200-250 trucks in our company's reserve, which can provide service in different directions. Every year our company transports 25,000-30,000 tons of different goods.

We guarantee the safe delivery of goods to the addressee. Use our services and you will be convinced of it.


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